Friday, February 24, 2012

About me...


I'm Urša. I study Language Mediation in Tourism. This blog is part of English class assignment.

So to start, something about me: Like I said my name is Urša. I'm from Ljubljana which is a capital city of Slovenia. I study tourism in Portorož. I have always wanted to live at the seaside and to have a room with a view of the sea. And being able to study something you really like and living near sea is honestly a dream come true.
Sea view from my room

I love reading, swimming, skiing, history, travelling, learning about other cultures & new languages. Beside Slovene which is my mother tongue I speak English, Spanish, Italian and a little bit of German.

I have the best summer job in the world. I get to spend all my summer in Greece and I get paid for it. I work at island of Chios which is located in Aegean Sea, few miles from the Turkish coastline.
Bay of Elinda, Chios

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  1. Welcome, Urša. I'm glad I've learnt a little bit more about you.
    Your teacher