Sunday, March 25, 2012


Religion is "a system of beliefs in a god or gods that has its own ceremonies and traditions" (Macmillan Dictionary). These beliefs are usually accompanied by symbols, traditions and sacred stories that explain the universe, the origin of life and similar occurrences that are hard to understand. They tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws and lifestyle from basic ideas about human nature and cosmos. (Wikipedia)

Religion plays a different role in people's lives. It is one's personal decision how important role it plays as well as which religion it is. A lot of people believe that living by the religious laws, like for example, going to church every Sunday, makes you a true Christian and a better person. I on the other hand believe that what makes you a good person are your deed, not believing in a Christian God or Allah or any other head god.

We often forget that it does not matter what religion we choose as our own, what matters is that no matter in what we choose to believe, we believe in something that gives our life a sense and helps our overcome rough times.

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