Thursday, March 1, 2012

When a white world becomes a mixed world

Today in English classes we watched part of a documentary video called Mixed Britannia . Documentary talks about racial problems in the United Kingdom and it focuses on interracial marriages. Nowadays 1/10 children in the UK live in a mixed family but not long ago, being in a mixed marriage meant dealing with serious consequences. 
By Smile_once_more

A story of narrator's grandmother is mentioned in Mixed Britannia. In 1919 thousands of white men were involved in racial outbursts.  While Neil Sinclair's grandfather escape, his grandmother and mother hid in the house. When white men broke into the house some of them destroyed valuable objects and some of the questioned Neil's grandmother. Because she refused to tell them where her husband is they slapped her. When police came next day, they said it was her own fault for marrying a black man.  When white women married foreigners, they lost their British nationality and all the rights that came with it. 

I believe it is important that rate of mixed marriages is increasing. It shows that people are becoming more tolerant and are realizing that different skin colour is not a barrier between two people who are in love.

Race is by dictionary definition "each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics." It clearly states that all differences are just physical and although I believe being Caucasian has some affect on your, I do not believe it affects you enough to be better or worse than someone else. An American poet Langston Hughes calls himself "the darker brother" which indicates that everything about him, except for his skin colours, is the same as of a white brother.

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